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Our large selection of belts and travel wallets are perfect for both men and women of all ages who are looking for something practical that can carry and keep safe all of their personal belongings whilst travelling. Ideal to take abroad on holidays, our belt bag and travel wallet range includes a large number of high-quality and practical products, one of which being our travel wallet XL. Our travel wallet XL is an essential travel accessory for all who are looking at or have booked a holiday. The travel wallet XL is fully compatible with almost any smart device. The XL travel wallet is both iPad and tablet compatible along with the wallet being Smartphone compatible. There certainly is enough room for all of your smart devices and also for your passport with its very own passport pocket. Finally, the product is made out of polyester and only weighs 100g making it durable and lightweight. This makes the product the go-to travel wallet as it is easy to carry, comfortable, durable and carries all of the important personal belongings that everyone has. All of our travel accessories are customisable in colour and embroidery allowing you to create your own unique pieces and have personal travel accessories.

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  • Belt bag

    Starting at: £3.91

  • Premium gymsac

    Starting at: £2.45

  • B&C DNM vibe /small clutch

    Starting at: £20.58

  • Travel wallet

    Starting at: £4.97

  • Travel wallet XL

    Starting at: £5.25

  • Fairtrade cotton camden shopper

    Starting at: £4.13

  • Waterproof pouch

    Starting at: £6.02

  • Canvas accessory case

    Starting at: £1.81

  • Canvas accessory bag

    Starting at: £1.81

  • EarthAware™ organic bag for life

    Starting at: £3.07

10 Item(s)

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