Teddy Bear Clothes

At Brand Me Now we have a range of high quality teddy bear products including a teddy bear hoodie, teddy bear clothes and teddy bear t-shirts. This range of teddy bear products is ideal for all adults and children who want a cuddly toy for themselves or to give as a personalized gift for someone else. One of our teddy bear range is the Otis bear. Our Otis bear is a must have gift toy and is an essential item for all children both boys and girls. Designed with plush fur fabric, the Otis teddy bear track pant is extremely comfortable and whilst being extremely durable and suitable for all ages. The otis teddy bear comes in a gorgeous light brown colour and is complete with a tartan blue and white ribbon. The detail that has gone into the bear is what makes the Otis teddy bear so premium. In addition to being a perfect gift, the Otis teddy bear is a great item to customise for your business and take to events due to the fact that the left hand of the teddy has a concealed clip ideal for business cards and notes. The Otis bear is also compliant with the EN71 European Toy Safety regulations making it suitable for children of all ages. Our range of teddy bears can also be customised with our range of teddy bear clothing and hoodies. All of which are themselves colour customisable and embroidered customisable allowing you to create personalised pieces for your bear

14 Item(s)

  • Rabbit

    Starting at: £5.81

  • Monty bear

    Starting at: £5.67

  • Brumble bear

    Starting at: £5.53

  • Otis bear

    Starting at: £6.02

  • Animal bear

    Starting at: £8.47

  • Dog bear

    Starting at: £4.13

  • Poppy the pony

    Starting at: £4.76

  • Binx bear

    Starting at: £3.57

  • Super honey bear

    Starting at: £44.10

  • Teddy t-shirt

    Starting at: £2.17

  • Fleece hoodie

    Starting at: £3.43

  • Teddy hoodie

    Starting at: £3.43

  • Bandana/triangle scarf

    Starting at: £1.26

  • Bear in a t-shirt

    Starting at: £4.69

14 Item(s)

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