Mens & Womens Fleece Clothing 

Our selection of fleece clothing for mens & womens will keep you warm, comfortable and looking fashionable sleeveless fleece, micro fleece. Made with high quality materials, our fleeces are very durable and designed to last. With options for both males and females and products ranging quilted fleeces to half-zip fleeces and full zip fleece, you’re sure to find something that you love. Our lancaster fleece is a double face fleece jacket making it on the border of being fashionable, stylish and suitable for work. Designed with wind-stopping membrane our lancaster fleece will protect you from blustery autumn conditions and keep you warm when you most need it to. In addition to the wind resistance technologies, the lancaster fleece also has water resistant technology making the fleece clothing perfect for all conditions. The lancaster fleece comes with fully zipped pockets allowing you to safely store important personal items in a safe location that is on you at all times. The inside fabric is inverted, down the side parts of the fleece giving you a more ‘vivid’ feeling. The neck of the lancaster men's fleece clothing has contrasting colours. The colours on all of our fleeces are completely customisable, giving the buyer full power over how they want their own fleece to be. In addition to this, embroidery is another option the buyer has for all of our fleeces.

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  • Thor III fleece

    Starting at: £13.16

  • B&C ID.501 fleece /women

    Starting at: £9.52

  • Kids full zip outdoor fleece

    Starting at: £12.53

  • Premium cotton full zip jacket

    Starting at: £11.83

  • Enzo ¼ zip fleece

    Starting at: £11.55

  • Polartherm® bodywarmer

    Starting at: £9.80

  • Browning lined fleece

    Starting at: £18.69

  • Barricade 300 fleece

    Starting at: £12.81

  • Barricade 350 fleece

    Starting at: £14.49

  • Active fleece scarf with zip pocket

    Starting at: £3.71

  • Kids ¼ zip outdoor fleece

    Starting at: £12.39

  • Asgard II quilted fleece

    Starting at: £20.09

  • Kids brigade fleece

    Starting at: £9.45

  • Full-zip microfleece

    Starting at: £11.13

  • Grizzly® half zip active fleece

    Starting at: £15.61

  • Women's basecamp microfleece FZ

    Starting at: £19.18

  • Icewalker+

    Starting at: £15.89

  • Women's Sarasota fleece

    Starting at: £42.14

  • Lancaster fleece

    Starting at: £42.14

  • Piped microfleece jacket

    Starting at: £16.66

Items 1 to 20 of 90 total

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