Black V Neck Jumper

We have a large range of v-neck jumpers that are suitable for both men and women who are looking for something both comfortable and formal to wear at work. Ideal for work and those important business meetings, our v-neck jumper range includes many high-quality products, one of which being our lambswool v-neck jumper. Our lambswool v-neck jumper is an essential smart v-neck jumper for anyone working in business. It’s wool mark approved lambswool fabric gives the product a comfortable, high-end feel whilst the semi fashioned armhole and neck show the quality thought and design that has gone into making the product. In addition to this,the 100% lambswool material have given the authentic hooded sweat a clean, premium finish making it a must have business piece for both men and women. The lambswool v-neck is machine washable making it easy to wash and dry without you having to worry about any damage to the sweatshirt. All of our v-neck jumper range is completely customisable in colour and embroidery allowing you to create your own unique pieces and have v-neck jumpers, sleeveless jumperPullover & Merino Sweater that are personal to you. This is ideal for a business who attend a lot of events and want to promote their brand.

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  • V-neck pullover

    Starting at: £18.13

  • Bloomington v-neck Merino sweater

    Starting at: £60.20

  • V-neck jumper

    Starting at: £14.70

3 Item(s)

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