Our range of ear protectors &  eye protection glasses are suitable for all men and women who often work outside and in very loud conditions. Ideal for wear on a construction site, warehouse or factory, our range of ear protectors make suitable wear for all scenarios. One of our ear protector ranges is the classic ear protector. The classic ear protector is designed with comfort and practicality in mind. The classic ear protector has been designed to be lightweight and robust. The lightweight design makes them easy and comfortable to wear, ideal for a job that would require you to protect your ears for a large period of the day. In addition to this, the classic ear protector has a multiple position headband with super soft cushions ensuring that your head is comfortable and your ears are protected throughout the day. The ear cups are designed and filled with sound absorbing foam that filters and protects from harmful external noises. This ensures that the ears are always fully protected and noise free at all times which confirms the high quality of the product. All of our ear protectors are completely customisable in colour giving you full reign over the way you want your ear protectors to look.

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  • Classic ear protector (PW40)

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  • Super ear protector (PW41)

    Starting at: £5.32

2 Item(s)

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