Kids Cardigan

Our kids cardigan range includes a number of different items including fleece cardigans. The range is primarily suited for the younger child and for school however our selection also includes something that can be worn outside of school. One of the kids cardigans is our fleece cardigan. The kids fleece cardigan is the must have school wear cardigan for girls. It’s ringspun cotton and polyester fabrics give the product a soft finish which is ideal as the children will be wearing the cardigan for most of the day at school. The side seam pockets offer small storage space where the child can hold their important utensils. The product also has sensational wash performance as it is part of the Russell sweatshirt family which continues to perform wash after wash after wash. All of our kids fleeces and kids cardigans are completely customisable in colour and embroidery allowing you to create your own unique pieces. Due to this added option of colour and embroidery optimisation, our kids fleece cardigan range is ideal for schools who want matching, specific colouring and branding to their uniform for their pupils to wear. Our fleece cardigan is also available in a number of different sizes.

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  • Kids Coloursure™ cardigan

    Starting at: £10.15

  • Kids cardigan

    Starting at: £12.04

  • Fleece cardigan

    Starting at: £16.52

  • Knowville cardigan

    Starting at: £40.60

4 Item(s)

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