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Our cheap beach towels are ideal for both men and women who want a luxurious and soft product to dry with after swimming or to relax on the beach with. Ideal for taking on any seaside holiday locally and abroad, the beach towel is a necessity. As previously stated, our beach towel is the must have bath towel for both men and women. Designed with 100% cotton velour, the beach towel is extremely comfortable and whilst being extremely durable and easy to wash. The beach towel comes with a smooth velour finish on the side and with an absorbent terry finish on the other, ensuring that the product is of the highest quality. The different materials on either side of the beach towel ensures that the product is durable and that you get your money’s worth for the product as it is long lasting and keeps its shape. The lightweight nature of the product means that your luggage will not be weighed down with unnecessary weight. Our cheap yet luxury beach towels are designed in one size only. In addition to this the luxury range beach towels are colour customisable and has the option of embroidery meaning that you can have a personalised beach towel that is unique to you.

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