White Waffle Robe

Our white waffle robe is the ideal waffle robe for both men and women who want something that is comfortable to wear around the house and casually worn when they are off away from work. Ideal for comfortable wear inside the house, our waffle robe is the must have robe for all. The waffle robe is the essential casual pants for both men and women and can be worn as weekend wear and casually when away from work. Designed with 80% cotton and 20% polyester and with a nylon waffle weave, the robe is extremely comfortable and whilst being extremely durable and easy to wash. The white waffle robe comes in a kimono styling with patch pockets and a self belt loop. The kimono styling of the waffle robe means that the wearer is free and easy to move around whilst wearing the kimono robe. The patch pockets offer small storage for the wearer to hold some of their belongings that they will want to keep on them at all times such as their mobile phone. Our waffle robe comes in two different sizes, small/medium and large/extra large. The two different sizes mean that all males and females of various different sizes can all have a waffle robe. In addition to this the robe is colour customisable and has the option of embroidery meaning that you can have a personalised waffle robe that is unique to you.

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