Large Umbrellas UK

Our large selection of umbrellas perfect for both men and women of all ages who need a high quality product that is easily carried and will protect them from the rainy weather. Ideal for the winter months, our umbrella range includes a number of high-quality products, one of which being our automatic wooden umbrella. Our automatic wooden umbrella is a must have item for all adults who are constantly outdoors and on the move. Its pongee solid fabric gives the product a very sturdy and feels and the black metal frames ensure the product is very durable and long lasting. The wooden shaft and handle offer both durability and an aesthetically pleasing design to the product as the contrast in colours between the wood and other materials gives the product a great look. The automatic umbrella comes in one size off 23 inches meaning that the umbrella is more than big enough to be used by all. All of our umbrella products are completely customisable in colour and embroidery allowing you to create your own unique pieces that are personal to you. This embroidery and personalisation option makes the umbrellas a great purchase for businesses who want another alternative method of promoting their brand.

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  • Classic umbrella

    £15.58 As low as: £11.90
  • Telescopic umbrella

    £7.39 As low as: £5.94
  • 25" Manual opening umbrella

    £14.15 As low as: £10.21
  • Charles Dickens umbrella

    £25.52 As low as: £20.45
  • Nylon umbrella

    £12.63 As low as: £8.93
  • Double canopy umbrella

    £12.75 As low as: £9.03
  • Classic style umbrella

    £9.91 As low as: £6.68
  • Umbrella automatic opening

    £7.25 As low as: £5.82
  • Golf umbrella

    £11.63 As low as: £8.11
  • Automatic umbrella

    £9.23 As low as: £6.10
  • Classic umbrella

    £15.58 As low as: £11.90
  • 30" Umbrella with polyester fabric

    £14.11 As low as: £10.14
  • Umbrella with automatic opening.

    £10.07 As low as: £6.80
  • Auto umbrella

    £13.19 As low as: £9.86
  • Umbrella with rifle handle.

    £24.02 As low as: £20.01
  • Umbrella in matching case.

    £15.25 As low as: £11.62
  • Transparent umbrella.

    £7.04 As low as: £5.63
  • Animal umbrella

    £8.26 As low as: £6.05
  • Umbrella with silver underside

    £10.50 As low as: £7.17
  • Folding umbrella

    £5.75 As low as: £4.54

Items 1 to 20 of 33 total

  1. 1
  2. 2