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Promotional Items & Sublimation

Promotional Items

Promotional items can be personalised from an extensive stock range, or tailored to customers' individual requirements through a high quality bespoke service.

From design through to despatch, AK Promotions assesses customers' promotional needs, before finding the most effective way to communicate the key values at the heart of their organisation.

AK Promotions will co-ordinate corporate communications specifically designed to meet a company's requirements, offering:

* A full range of promotional products, from bespokecalendars to diaries to supplementary advertising products, all of which play an important part in enhancing marketing strategies.

* Innovative design management to capture a company's individualpersonality and help build brand awareness.

* A fully integrated production facility allowing customers to benefit fromthe latest technologies.

With its proven track record in providing bespoke solutions, AK Promotions will assess customers' needs and provide total solutions that fulfil their complete requirements.


SUBLIMATION PRINTING - WHAT IS IT? Sublimation Printing is a procedure for transferring full colour graphics or even photographs onto certain products that have a polymer based surface.

First, a design is generated on your computer, or the artwork/photo is scanned. It is printed with sublimation dyes, in mirror image, onto standard, photo-quality 720-dpi paper. Then the print is transferred to the sublimation receptive item by means of a Heat Transfer Press.

Pressing times and temperatures vary according to the substrate used but, in general, the process is very quick and easy. During pressing, the sublimation ink penetrates into the product, so the image is sealed under, as opposed to sitting on, the surface of the finished item.

We supply a selection end of products that are suitable for sublimation. The full colour images can be applied to coated mugs, tiles, and plates. Metal*, for signs, awards, badges, trophy discs, key-tags and so forth and Unisub products & plastics including trophy plaques, bag-tags, coasters, tablemats and more.

Certain fabrics, with polyester content, are also receptive to the sublimation dyes so prints can be applied to computer mouse-mats, jigsaws and T-shirts.

End results are vibrant, photo-realistic images, or text, onto a range of personal or promotional items. With sublimation you can produce a unique 'one of' a short run or multiples, whatever your requirements.

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